COVID19, war, political unrest and bubonic plague!

With winter now approaching in the U.K. and the COVID19 figures starting to climb dramatically once more, local lockdowns are becoming the norm with large parts of the country becoming no go zones on a daily basis. The laws dictating what we can and can’t do appear to change on a daily basis and I’m convinced no one really knows what we can or can’t do anymore. I certainly can’t keep up with the daily threats of fines from the government if we dare to go out and get things wrong. With different parts of the U.K. coming up with their own versions of each law it’s pretty much incomprehensible as to what we can or can’t do!

Freedom is certainly a thing of the past, but it’s for our safety … apparently.

To add to this, Azerbaijan and Armenia seem to be at war with each other and protests against the government in Kyrgyzstan seem to be flaring up on a regular basis. Mongolia has an emerging bubonic plague problem that is also making an appearance in Siberia. Can it get any worse?

With all that is going on I’m pretty certain that traveling through Central Asia in 2021 isn’t going to be possible, hopefully this will all improve and make travel possible in 2022. We can but hope!

Meanwhile, since purchasing my new Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition I’ve not really ridden it that much and also not done a lot to it either. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for it all at the moment.

I’ve got the centre stand fitted to the bike which makes chain adjustment and lubrication much easier. I’ve ordered the crash bars and am waiting for them to arrive and have pretty much decided on which pannier rack I’m going to purchase.

The Outback MotorTek 2.0 pannier rack looks like it will be ideal for mounting the Givi GRT709 soft panniers that I have, unfortunately the rack isn’t available in the U.K. yet and so I have to wait for it to become a stock item. The great thing about it is that it’s fairly light and very easy to fit/remove as can be seen in the video below.

There are some great after market parts now available for the Tenere 700 including some really nice looking decal kits.

Example decal sets from MPG Moto Graphics

There are some heavy duty skid plates now being produced for the Tenere 700, this one from GP Mucci in Italy looks like it would make the bike very adventure proof albeit a bit on the ugly side.

So that’s where I am at the moment, not a lot going on whilst we sit out the zombie apocalypse that seems to be gripping the world at present.

More soon …